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    10th July 2013 -
Thanks to one of our valued members of Dick Flash Touch providing some excellent suggestions by using our ideas mailbox (ideas@dickflashtouch.com) we have since revised our updates.

From now on, you will now have access to not one....but TWO new flashing videos on a 4 weekly basis. The interesting part is one of these videos will be an "unsuccessful" flash and the other will be "successful".

Our video archive from the past couple of years is literally inundated with unsuccessful flashes (around 80%). These vary from disgruntled passers by to groups of people vacating buses. YOU wanted to see this apparently just as much as the successful flashes we made, therefore we pride on giving you what you want. You will see these updates from this month! Thanks guys!
This is a great new feature to Dick Flash Touch that allows all of our members and visitors to see what new things we've got going on with our website and more! Feel free to have a browse!
we have sound!
    10th July 2013 -
Once again, thanks to the brilliant community of Dick Flash lovers across the globe, you have voiced your opinion on videos containing sound in place of subtitles.

We can assure you this was never an intention to "cop out" by not providing sound, this was in compliance with our terms and conditions with Shadow Pictures Ltd and protecting identities of persons involved with the risky job that we do.

Therefore, after careful consultation we have decided new updates from today will contain FULL sound but our flasher's voice will remain subtitled to continue protecting his identity. Keep the ideas and constructive feedback coming!
    15th July 2013 -
Today we received an update from Paypal. Currently due to some legal reasons Paypal are disputing any new members at present. Therefore for now we are not accepting any new members.

Rest assured we are working on this problem as fast as we possibly can! Any updates will be on this page about the issue but for the time being please be patient with us.

Please send ANY questions or concerns to:

We will respond the same day. Thank you.
    18th SEPTEMBER 2013 -
After almost two months of legal battles and lots of money invested to rejuvenate the website you've all begged for, we are FINALLY up and running again!

CCBill have been wonderful in taking over Paypal as your service provider. Rest assured, if you have ANY direct questions or complaints, don't feel you have to be "re-directed" to CCBill, we will do our utmost to respond on an hourly basis every day of the week (find our contact details in "contact us").

So from here, we just want to thank all of you for being immensely patient during this frustrating time. Lets look ahead for some utterly risky and highly watchable flashes!!!
    October offer!
    7th OCTOBER 2013 -
A special offer ONLY for October 2013, subscribe now for only $9.97 (approx. £6.00) slashed down from $18.00 and gain access to all videos and updates this month!
    4th September 2013 -
    Great News!
  12th July 2013 -
Our fans have kindly contributed to the NSPC charity this month :)
    1st JANUARY 2014 -
Happy new year to all flashers around the world! Here's to many more exciting and daring flashing scenarios still to come!

Remember, if you have an idea of where or how you'd like us to flash, send your suggestion to:


Within reason, we will try our best!
 27TH AUGUST 2014 -
Hey guys. After a few technical issues we were unable to provide an update for February. As a gesture we will now be uploading two new updates in March.

We are getting riskier and better. Remember to send some of your ideas through to "ideas@dickflashtouch.com" if you'd like to see us flash certain types of people in specific locations (nothing too dangerous or unrealistic, we're only human).

Thanks for the support guys. Enjoy this months updates coming in a week or so.
Hello all! We've had several suggestions from our 'ideas' mailbox that we loved and wanted to attempt, namely swimming pools and railway stations.

Unfortunately, this job doesn't get any easier (believe me). It's a risky business and you have to be careful who you speak to that may or may not cause offence.

We do our utmost to adhere to the policy to never intentionally offend anyone. We're just here to provide adult entertainment in a safe environment for our loyal fan base.

With that said, our latest updates are a little less risky but still dangerously exciting to engage a reaction! Enjoy.
  12th MARCH 2014 -