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This is a great new feature to Dick Flash Touch that allows all of our members and visitors to see what new things we've got going on with our website and more! Feel free to have a browse!
Website is back!
5th March - 2015
Hello guys! Previously, we had a layout on this page which was unmanageable. What would be ideal is if it were laid out like a Blog, so that you can interact too.

Instead, we will update this one notebook page whenever there is any news. You will always hear from us at least once a month.

We have also integrated a new 'live chat' system on this page. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions, suggestions or just a chat with the flasher himself!

There may be a chance that we are not always online, but you can always leave an email and we will respond. Thanks guys!

Talk to the Flasher himself!
This service is currently offline.